Vail Daily letter: Campaign hypocrisy |

Vail Daily letter: Campaign hypocrisy

“While my opponent and his allies have been clogging our mailboxes with negative ads straight out of the tea party playbook … ” — Kerry Donovan, Aspen Times, Nov. 1.

Dear Kerry,

You are nothing if not hilarious. Nothing boils citizens’ blood more than being lied to. With a straight face.

When you sat next to me in the debates and droned on about your clean campaign promises, it was more than just funny.

Slick politicians with all your dark money leave no stone unturned.

Citizens just received another flyer from your dark money group in Gunnison, Citizens Alliance for Accountable Leadership, that says “Republican Don Suppes opposes education investments and will vote against raising the minimum wage.” And then it says the same thing in Spanish. It continues: “Suppes … will vote the extreme party line to oppose raising the minimum wage for hard-working Coloradans.” Then it has a big picture of you on your boutique long haired cattle “ranch” stating, “Democrat Kerry Donovan will provide opportunities to Western Slope children and families.” (And then again in Spanish.)

But what it doesn’t say is that you, Kerry Donovan, the Democrat, as well as the current state senator, Gayle Schwartz, don’t support a raise in the minimum wage. Or that you worked in management for Vail Ski and Snowboard Academy.

Another flyer from your Gunnison group has pics of me with “State Senate Candidate Lee Mulcahy — too conservative.”

Now hold on just a New York second: I am the only candidate in the race that wants to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour on giant corporations (exempting small business) like Vail, Wal-Mart, Mickey D’s, Aspen Skiing — after the incredible growth rates in Seattle, Washington and San Francisco after those cities raised the wage — and I’m “too conservative?” Even though I was one of the co-architects and leaders of Occupy Wall Street in Aspen?

Your other campaign flyers boldly display your “Clean Campaign Promise” logo. Please.

Pot kettle much, Kerry?

Lee Mulcahy


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