Vail Daily letter: Can’t rely on courts |

Vail Daily letter: Can’t rely on courts

In Friday’s Business article by Chris Romer he inferred to name calling in the most recent Town Council elections. I certainly never noticed this and hope it was not true. In fact, both winners and losers made rather professional acceptance and condolence letters in the Vail Daily in my opinion.

But I find very bewildering however Mr. Romer’s assertion that we can expect the courts to do quite well in making decisions for the town! My gosh, relinquishing good governance and abandoning problem solving only to allow legislation to amble through the various levels of the judicial branch on technicalities and appeals may be lucrative for lawyers but financially draining for the taxpayers. Certainly not the governance we anticipate.

Judges are ruling only on limited legal aspects, not what is in the best interests of those footing the bill. Business interests have testified that they are certainly capable of providing an enhanced customer experience without competing with the town of Vail in this regard.

Rol Hamelin

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