Vail Daily letter: Can’t they read? |

Vail Daily letter: Can’t they read?

Don, I read your “hits and misses” last Thursday and the last item caught my eye. You quoted a source commenting that the town of Avon claimed the stage had been completed, when it supposedly hadn’t. Having been by the site many times in the past couple of months, I didn’t understand why someone believed it had not been completed. It has.

So I went by again today and didn’t see any construction going on at the site. But I did see “orange” fencing surrounding Nottingham Park, there to define the World Championship Fan Experience being held Audi They are the car company that is the major sponsor of the Worlds. The fencing has Audi’s name all over it. That’s not construction fencing. My guess is your “source” is reading challenged.

I have many times felt the folks around you were writing challenged, but never realize they might be reading challenged, too!

Phil Struve


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