Vail Daily letter: Capitulation to the president |

Vail Daily letter: Capitulation to the president

I am shocked that there are congressmen who have declared they will not attend the joint session of Congress, as President Obama is offended by the invitation to Prime Minister Netanyahu. It is not only within the rights of Congress, it is the absolute responsibility of Congress to hear any world leader or international expert who can assist congressional members in formulating an appropriate response to the “deal” being considered with Iran. Only two weeks ago, President Obama had British Prime Minister David Cameron speaking to member of Congress against conditionally imposing new sanctions on Iran if the “deal” were bad. Capitulation to the president by the Congress…equals dictatorship.

Former Labor Prime Minister Ehud Barak has expressed disappointment that the Obama administration has changed its objective from “no nuclear military Iran to no nuclear military Iran during the term of its administration.” This is a reversal of Obama’s campaign goal to achieve total nuclear disarmament.

Among the terms of the deal being reported by the Associated Press from Geneva are precisely those that were asserted in recent weeks by Israeli sources. The prime minister of Israel knows what he is talking about. He will point our that in addition to the nuclear discussions that are taking place, there is no indication of restrictions on Iran’s missile development. With hundreds of ballistic missiles already, which can reach all of Europe and perhaps even the eastern coast of America, even without a nuclear warhead, great damage can be done to every major city within their reach. These missiles are a great danger to the entire Western world and our allies in the Middle East. Not just Israel but Egypt, Jordan, the Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

Frankly, I am astonished that negotiations are proceeding, despite the IAWA’s report suggesting that Iran was hiding military elements of its nuclear program.

The International Atomic Energy Agency has made clear that it lacks the tools to effectively monitor the kind of nuclear program Iran will be allowed to maintain under the emerging deal. Since they haven’t done a very good job until now (think Fordau, Nantantz, Arak and Parchin) we ought to believe them.

The woman who is leading these talks feels that they are progressing in good form and that the international community can effectively monitor Iran’s actions and keep them from getting the bomb. This is the same person who was in charge of monitoring North Korea’s nuclear program. We really stopped that rogue state!

Again I say, capitulation to the president by the Congress equals dictatorship.

Mikki Futernick


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