Vail Daily letter: Carey for district attorney |

Vail Daily letter: Carey for district attorney

This is to offer my opinion and recommendation to elect Bruce Carey as district attorney. After completing his military service, Bruce obtained his law degree and was hired as a deputy district attorney in Eagle County. Bruce then worked in his private law practice and made Eagle County his home. He has also volunteered for various organizations including a zoning and adjustment committee, the Eagle County Fair and Rodeo board, and most recently as a senior fitness instructor at the Gypsum Rec Center. These are the things that a civic-minded person does who wants to make his community a great place to live — a wonderful quality for a district attorney.

I have known Bruce Carey for approximately 27 years and feel he is the best choice among the three candidates for district attorney. When the current district attorney was elected, I was among many who found a position in another office, and left the area as well as the office that I had loved working in for 31 years. It was quickly apparent that the current district attorney did not have the same passion for victims’ rights and justice as the other five elected district attorneys that I had previously worked for.

I have nothing to gain from my recommendation because I now live on the Front Range, but hope that you will cast your vote for Bruce Carey. The citizens of Eagle, Lake, Summit and Clear Creek counties deserve to have a district attorney who will work for justice every day. Thank you!

Arleen Sandberg

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