Vail Daily letter: Carey for district attorney |

Vail Daily letter: Carey for district attorney

I’m writing this letter in support of Bruce Carey in his bid to become the 5th Judicial District’s next district attorney.

With full disclosure, I want everyone to know that Bruce and I have been personal friends for over 27 years and that during my campaign he was one of my biggest champions and supporters.

When I started my career here in Eagle County in 1989, Bruce was just starting his as a prosecutor and later became a local defense attorney. Over these many years we have each made mistakes, learned difficult and sometimes hard lessons from those mistakes, corrected our errors and become better people for them.

Several years ago I watched Bruce come close to death when he had serious heart problems that required surgery. Following this close call, his outlook and perspective changed and he put himself on a path where he put his health first, started training more to avoid a repeat of his close call, and, soon thereafter, started giving back even more to our communities.

I’ve known Bruce to be an advocate of the rule of law both for the victims and the suspects, and able to offer a perspective of not doing something because you have the right, but for doing the right thing.

Bruce is an advocate of restorative justice programs like the veterans treatment court and alternative courts that help handle the unique issues we face and help in reducing the recidivism rates of offender, as well as open communication with the law enforcement sworn to serve our communities. This is the kind of resolve we need in a district attorney.

I am convinced that Bruce is dedicated to serving all the people of the counties, where he will be the chief prosecutor in a fair and balanced manner This is a man who has not only dedicated his career but has dedicated his life to make our county a safer and better place, and I urge you to look strongly at him when you cast your vote.

James Van Beek


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