Vail Daily letter: Carey for district attorney |

Vail Daily letter: Carey for district attorney

In this upcoming election, the elected district attorney will preside over Eagle, Summit, Lake and Clear Creek counties. The district attorney has complete power over the cases that are prosecuted and how they are prosecuted over a very large area of our mountain communities in Colorado. We should be honored to have an extremely qualified local resident, Bruce Carey, running for this important office.

I would encourage you to view his website,, to see what an outstanding person this is and how proud we should be to have him represent us.

Knowledge of the candidates, their backgrounds, their achievements, their plans for the future are important in every elections, but really important this year. Pay attention to what the candidates are saying and planning and throw your support to the very best choice. There is no question in this race that Bruce Carey is the outstanding candidate hands down!

Marcie Kittay

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