Vail Daily letter: Carnes lacks substance |

Vail Daily letter: Carnes lacks substance

Richard Carnes’ commentary (Tuesday’s Vail Daily) opining “America deserves real candidates” reflects a misguided ad hominem attack on the many Republican candidates for president in 2016. Mr. Carnes seems to be offended by any reference to “God” and believes that none of the candidates are listening to the people. I agree that Mr. Carnes may vote for whomever he wishes and for whatever reason he chooses. Nevertheless one would expect a weekly writer for the Vail Daily to offer more substance and less balderdash.

The present crop of Republican candidates has many virtues and many solid achievements such as serving as governors even in “blue” states, achieving balanced budgets and reducing unemployment. I suspect none would be less qualified than the current resident in the White House.

The baseball team reference was interesting and could be expanded to include the “depth” of the bench. I would suggest that Mr. Carnes review the front-page article in the Wall Street Journal on June 21 that highlights the enormous gains that Republicans have made in state races over the period of time from 2009-2015. Such impressive victories will supply even more excellent candidates for higher offices and create problems for the Democratic Party since large state political losses will reduce the quantity and quality of candidates for national office.

Finally, to use Mr. Carnes’ wording, I believe the only buffoon that I could recognize who might be in need of psychiatric help would be the column’s author, Mr. Carnes.

Dan M. Spengler


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