Vail Daily letter: Carnes misses the point |

Vail Daily letter: Carnes misses the point

In the recent Vail Daily op-ed piece written by Richard Carnes (Tuesday’s Vail Daily), the author calls into question the integrity and competence of GOP candidates and the RNC after the moderators of a recent debate in Boulder made fools of themselves on a national stage.

Carnes kicks off his column by misplacing the blame of the mangled debate, calling the RNC “petulant children” and by referring to the GOP candidates as “clown car” denizens. (As a registered Libertarian, who doesn’t have a dog in the fight, I have to question Carnes’ judgment in characterizing the Republican men and women as “clown car” riders. A former CEO of Hewlett Packard, the most acclaimed neurosurgeon in the world during his days of medical practice and some of the most capable business and government leaders in the nation certainly hold up well against the Democratic candidates who feature a pathological liar and an over-the-top socialist who has no idea how a modern economy operates.)

In his piece, Carnes states, “the underlying purpose of these debates is to critically evaluate policy proposals.” I am sure the GOP candidates would whole-heartedly agree. Too bad the moderators from CNBC missed the memo.

If Carnes would have actually done his research, he would have found that the debate at CU was to have focused on the domestic economy. But why ask serious questions about an $18 trillion debt, whose level has grown by 62 percent since Obama has become president, when you can ask questions about cartoon candidates?

Or, why ask questions about a stagnant economy, that millions of people have simply given up on over the past eight years, when you can ask questions about fantasy football?

Lost in the minutia provided in Carnes’ op-ed was the most substantive issue of all. It came when the junior senator from Florida pronounced, “The Democrats have the ultimate Super PAC. It’s called the mainstream media.”

The real issue is not that the debate featured three goofy and uninformed moderators, but that there remains an institutional bias in the mainstream media against anything but the weary, liberal tripe that the American people have been spoon fed for 40 years.

Perhaps, with the emergence of the Internet, cable news, and bright men and women that are actually willing to step up and speak the truth when confronted with gibberish, we just might get a decent debate after all. Even if people like Mr. Carnes totally miss the point.

Lee Christian


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