Vail Daily letter: Casida for U.S. House |

Vail Daily letter: Casida for U.S. House

Here are the reasons we should vote for Tisha Casida for House District 3, U.S. Congress.

First, she is not a puppet of any party! She will definitely shake up the status quo that is driving the U.S. into the abyss. She is a young business owner who truly speaks her own mind and wants to change our government’s course back to serving, not interfering — back to more freedom and volunteerism through a dramatic reduction in federal powers, decentralization to local level decisions, personal choice and personal responsibility.

Second, if we know someone’s steadfast beliefs, we know what they will work for and how they will vote. Most candidates have opinions they are given by their party and seek to have the benefits of holding a powerful office. Tisha Casida has learned from facing senseless regulation in starting her natural foods company and learned from having a husband in Iraq that our government is not serving us — they are serving themselves and powerful minority interests. Tisha has, in my opinion, a very libertarian political philosophy, which means no pandering to special interests, no cronyism, no false promises, no sell-outs and no compromises. She doesn’t believe in initiating violence in a civil society in any form including and especially in the form of legislation against her fellow man. She believes we own our own bodies and what we do with them, as long as we aren’t harming others. For the same reasons, we own the fruits of our labor and what we do with them.

Third, we need to send a message to the red/blue party and all the media that exclude other’s voices from the public, they have failed us and America! A recent Politico poll of likely voters resulted in 64 percent agreeing that America feels out of control. Many polls also show citizens’ confidence in our government is at an all-time low. There is, for all important intents and purposes, only one U.S. political party — the red/blue party. We’ve become what we laughed about in the Soviet Union and China. Mounting pressure to vote to validate the status quo, but no real choices for more liberty and self-determination. Newspapers like the Daily contribute to this farce by arrogantly refusing to interview or even list independent/alternate candidates despite these candidates being perhaps the only voice of reason to challenge the red/blue monopoly. The red/blue party, prior to elections, pretends to be two distinctly different parties, but this is just campaign talk and has meant nothing later. Wake up! Sorry to burst the resort valley complacency, but the red/blue party overwhelmingly supports endless, needless wars of occupation, which impoverish our souls as well as our country and only enrich the military complex and influential allies. Our government has become the drunken bully waving a gun in the bar — feared but not respected. They just declared for us and our kids a new Thirty Years’ War on groups we largely trained and armed. The red/blue party defends the protected banking class, and cronyism (fraud) and the Federal Reserve gang in mismanaging our economy to enrich themselves and their crony friends while destroying the savers and middle classes. The red/blue party believes in massive interference in the economy and into every detail of our private lives for the purpose of pandering to special interests and for a “false” sense of security while burdening the economy into stagnation and shredding our constitutional protections. As a result, we are leaving our children an insolvable debt problem — they each owe $450,000 now — an out of control federal government, and the disaster of a failed empire.

It’s time to think independently. Send a message. Vote for Tisha Casida and other candidates like her.

R.G. Mesch


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