Vail Daily letter: Cell phone problem |

Vail Daily letter: Cell phone problem

I think the Vail Valley has a cell phone problem:

• We live in Denver, and have had a second home in Edwards (Singletree) for 20 years.

• Eight years ago we canceled our land line phone in Edwards to rely on cell phones.

• Our service provider is AT&T.

• When the Vail valley is busy (Christmas to New Year’s, Spring Break, President’s weekend, etc.), I experience dropped calls consistently.

• My daughter was recently engaged and my wife and I were fielding calls (in Singletree) from family and friends across the country. Yet, it was Martin Luther King weekend and the cell system was over loaded. We have had call after call dropped. It has been very frustrating.

It seems to me that the Vail Valley should be a strategically important market for cell phone companies. Their best (highest paying) customers from all over the world come here to visit. They use a lot of “data and Internet” services. But they expect to come here and be able to conduct business and connect with family seamlessly. In fact, they cannot at heavy traffic periods.

This is not good for business and it is not good for the Vail Valley.

What can we do to pressure the cell carriers to step up and add capacity in this critical market?

Steve Schovee

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