Vail Daily letter: Chandler-Henry for commissioner |

Vail Daily letter: Chandler-Henry for commissioner

I will be voting for Kathy Chandler-Henry for Eagle County commissioner, a choice that is clear, and here is why.

Kathy was born and raised here and knows our community history as well as having a clear vision for our future. She is highly intelligent, extremely well-educated and has a lifetime of experience as a business owner, negotiator, volunteer and superb leader. Kathy has stepped up repeatedly over the years as a stellar volunteer who helped envision the valley’s economic future through the Economic Council, the fate of our natural resources through leading the Eagle River Watershed Council and our children’s educational needs through volunteerism with Buddy Werner and other programs. She has constantly been active in making our valley the best it can possibly be.

Since taking her position as a county commissioner a year and a half ago, Kathy has shown great incentive, diligence and hard work on behalf of the people. She attends nearly every important meeting or gathering. Whether on official county business or not, Kathy is there taking input, listening to the needs and desires of every citizen. She is exceedingly accessible and responsive to all. She deeply cares about our communities and has done outstanding work and shown strong leadership as a commissioner.

Kathy has her priorities in line because her priorities are ours — economic development in balance with safeguarding our natural resources, building resilient communities and highly educated children, finding common ground. I believe that is Kathy’s greatest strength — being able to listen, weigh all perspectives and find the best solution for the most people. And she does this with kindness, grace and impeccable integrity. Kathy Chandler-Henry will get my vote on Nov. 4, and I encourage you to vote for her, too.

Susie Kincade


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