Vail Daily letter: Chandler-Henry for commissioner |

Vail Daily letter: Chandler-Henry for commissioner

Our Eagle County Board of Commissioners needs leadership that understands our “middle” class and someone who has an expansive understanding of our history with a vision to put unity back in our community. As a native from a multi-generational Eagle County family, Kathy Chandler-Henry is that leader. She understands who we are and the deep need to keep our next generation of Eagle County children living and working in Eagle County, the need to support and sustain our ranch families and support our Hispanic and Latino families raising a fourth or fifth generation in Eagle County today. She will work to prepare our children and families for success, keep our environmental assets strong and move us forward as a community. Let’s put unity back in our community and elect Kathy Chandler-Henry as our next Eagle County commissioner.

Jill E. Kovacevich

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