Vail Daily letter: Chaney committed to Vail |

Vail Daily letter: Chaney committed to Vail

Sounia and I met at Red Sandstone Elementary School as volunteers. We took turns coming in on a weekly basis to help students with reading and we enjoyed every minute of it. We have become friends since our sons have, and enjoy camping and outings with one another’s families.

When I heard Sounia was seeking a seat on the Vail Town Council, I was thrilled that my voice and the voice of Vail residents as a whole would be presented in a strong and unbiased way. The town of Vail can be assured that they will not be electing another “yes man” to the council but someone that truly cares about improving the quality of life in Vail for the entire community.

The commitment I saw in Sounia as she supported Red Sandstone Elementary is just the tip of the iceberg of what she can do for our community if she is given a chance.

I am also endorsing Dave Chapin, Jenn Bruno and Dale Bugby along with Sounia Nejad Chaney because this combination would be a great edition to our Town Council.

Shelly Gruner


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