Vail Daily letter: Change is close at hand |

Vail Daily letter: Change is close at hand

Red Cliff citizens are thankful this holiday for many reasons but especially for the quietude afforded by our remoteness. Living off the corridor in a peaceful confined hideaway allows us to completely enjoy the everyday nature of our lifestyle choice. We are incredibly grateful for the lack of volume that a resort town attracts with the associated noise and congestion. We are a small (exclusive) bedroom community. We graciously invite visitors that want to share this experience to come and enjoy. See what a small town, with the echoes of children’s voices from our steep mountain boundaries, is supposed to be like (Mango’s! Green Bridge Inn!).

Perhaps our town government is trying to un-gentrify (industrialize) our experience by inviting recreational vehicle rental companies. The board has noted that I have been a dissatisfied habitant. I’m happy now with the realization that change is close at hand. We are a democracy. There is an election. Folks are not going to forget being dissed by our so-called representational government. There are few conversations that don’t include a mention of how quiet it is because there is no downtown dominance of a rec vehicle company. We are thankful. Joyful! We are the majority and we will ensure that our town is not threatened again. We will not be complacent as sweeping change is in our sights.

Jake Spears

Red Cliff

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