Vail Daily letter: Changing stations needed |

Vail Daily letter: Changing stations needed

I’m not sure if you’ve had or have children in the diaper-wearing age, but there seems to be a huge problem with local companies in Eagle County not understanding the importance of supplying mothers with the very necessary changing stations.

Normally if one is missing, I have no problem going to the tail gate of my SUV and changing my child there. However, in the winter or in bad weather, exposing them to the elements in the middle of a diaper change is the worst thing I can imagine. So what am I to do? Simple — I whip out the changing pad from the diaper bag and we do a diaper change on the counter or, in some cases that I’ve personally experienced, on the floor.

What’s more surprising is the diaper change on the floor has happened in “family” restaurants and at the ambulatory surgery center located next to the Shaw in Edwards. How does a health facility not know the importance of changing stations? Why should I have to change my child on the floor where bacteria and potential viruses have been tracked in by someone’s feet? You would think this would be a no-brainer.

Thank you for listening,

J. Thomson

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