Vail Daily letter: Christie for Vail council |

Vail Daily letter: Christie for Vail council

I was very happy when Mark Christie decided to run for Vail Council. In talking with him, he told me he wanted to give back to our town. That is who Mark really is. He is a very nice person who cares about our town and the people in it. I have known Mark for the last seven years. I decided to volunteer for the Vail host program several years after we had become residents of Colorado. I did it to give me the opportunity to meet people and learn more about the town. During the last seven years, I have worked with Mark. He has been my supervisor.

I have enjoyed every day working with him. That is quite a statement to be able to make. He has a genuine interest in his job and making sure our visitors have a world-class experience here. He knows our town well and many of the merchants. I believe Mark has several traits which would make him an excellent choice for our Town Council. Mark listens, Mark cares deep down about our community, Mark’s ethics are beyond reproach and he works and communicates well with people. I believe the town host program has between 70 and 80 hosts who Mark works with to ensure we deliver friendly and effective service to our visitors ensuring they will want to come back.

I believe the business experience which he had prior to his retirement will also be a benefit to our community. In short, Mark has my complete support and I am hopeful he will be elected to the Vail Town Council. I hope you will vote for him on Nov. 3.

Ronnie Baker


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