Vail Daily letter: Christie for Vail council |

Vail Daily letter: Christie for Vail council

Vail is in a unique situation this election year. We have the opportunity to bring change, new ideas, skills, energy and eyes to the council. Several of the candidates currently serve or have served. We thank them for their service, but, we think it is time for a change. Mark Christie, we feel, would be a terrific addition to the council and ask that you vote for him. His focus will be on solutions to our housing, parking and environment issues.

Mark has been a part-time resident and full-time resident of Vail for nearly 20 years. He came to Vail from the insurance industry, where he was responsible for planning and budgeting on a worldwide basis until he retired and moved full time to Vail.

His second work career now sees him working at the Vail Welcome Center and overseeing the community host program, which is comprised of 60-plus volunteers. Mark is in tune with the pulse of Vail and Vail’s needs and issues in part because his job puts him in close contact with countless residents and visitors of all ages. Anyone who has met Mark will know he is passionate about serving, improving and representing Vail. Mark seldom takes “off time”; he is always available both professionally and personally. He listens, he is positive, and he is personable. He is open-minded, approachable and his listening skill will be great for those needing input to the Town Council.

Please join us in voting for Mark Christie for Town Council.

Merry Haas, Annetta Rappa and Peg Rumaine

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