Vail Daily letter: Christmas is different |

Vail Daily letter: Christmas is different

While very glad that Richard Carnes likes Christmas, the idea that all religious/cultural holidays are the same doesn’t cut it. It is true that many, including Christianity, have co-opted this time of the winter solstice. However, regardless of the date, the reason underlying “Christmas” is quite different from all the others. Jesus, according to his followers, claimed to be the prophesied savior of the entire world, the son of God i.e. equivalent to God, and was subsequently crucified for these claims. If his claims are actually true, then his entrance into this world is a basis quite different than any of the others. It is interesting that some very intelligent atheists have seriously investigated those claims, some with the ardent goal of trying to disprove them, and have been transformed into believers; people such as C.S. Lewis, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, and Lee Strobel, Chicago Tribune reporter and author of “The Case for Christ.”

So Christians don’t have to “claim ownership of Christmas,” it is just the Christ’s mass. We are glad for the truth therein and the good effects Richard lists, which result from following this Christ: Loving others, loving your enemies, giving, being joyful, having peace, etc. Some of us might clarify however that this Christmas holiday should not be considered the cause of the materialistic frenzy that is unfortunately a headline representation of Western Christmas. Merry Christmas to all!

Doug and Lisa Currey


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