Vail Daily letter: Cleveland for Vail council |

Vail Daily letter: Cleveland for Vail council

Vail residents have the opportunity to elect Dick Cleveland for Vail Town Council on Nov. 3. Dick’s commitment and work for our community over 30-plus years means a better and stronger Vail today. Julie and I have known Dick and his wife, Kathy, for 10-plus years and can strongly recommend that you vote for Dick Cleveland for a strong Vail going forward. Kathy also works tirelessly on the behalf of the Vail community, which should be recognized.

Experience: Dick’s law enforcement background, District Attorney’s Office work, Vail’s Planning and Environment Committee, previous Town Council and mayor of Vail position, ECO Trails Committee membership and countless volunteer positions show that Dick has a wealth of applicable experience. Dick is a fiscal conservative but not afraid to vote for those projects (big and small) that make sense for a better Vail. Dick has long been an advocate for more housing options for Vail residents including working hard on the upcoming Chamonix West Vail residential project as member of Vail’s planning commission.

Commitment: Dick is committed to the health and success of our Vail community. His knowledge and preparation on the issues is second to none. Being a past Vail Town Council member and mayor during a critical time in the “Vail Renaissance” redevelopment, Dick has shown his commitment to getting the right projects approved for Vail in a fiscally responsible manner. Dick does an excellent job in balancing the priorities of our Vail local community and Vail as North America’s premier mountain resort.

Character: Dick builds relationships with the Vail town staff, Vail board/council members, Vail business owners, the Vail Valley Medical Center team, Eagle County Water and Sanitation District, Eagle County School District staff, Vail Resorts, Vail Valley Foundation and other key stakeholders in our community. These relationships and partnerships allow Vail to function at a high level.

Please vote for Dick Cleveland for Vail Town Council.

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Julie and Kirk Hansen

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