Vail Daily letter: Climbing cost |

Vail Daily letter: Climbing cost

The new event center/clubhouse is now $3.9 million over budget, according to a town of Vail staff report. The cost of the project is now approaching $11 million, which was given a head nod by the Town Council and the Vail Recreation District at last Tuesday’s joint meeting. The escalated cost is blamed primarily on rising construction costs and litigation-related expenses. When questioned on the $525-plus per square foot estimate, the consultant said they could build a new building from scratch for $350 per square foot today, but a lot of that increased money had already been spent. The majority of the Vail Town Council appears prepared to build the clubhouse previously designed, including the event center without a viable restaurant. The council doesn’t appear to have learned any lessons in the costly litigation process that still continues in the Colorado Court of Appeals. If this council continues to waste money building something other than a golf clubhouse when it is clear that the public never voted on an event center, you will know that being stubborn prevails over being leaders. (Dale Bugby was elected to the Vail Town Council in November 2013. The incumbents ran third and fifth in a seven-way race for four seats)

Dale Bugby


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