Vail Daily letter: Climbing disrespected |

Vail Daily letter: Climbing disrespected

I’m trying to write an email to those in charge of picking where events go for GoPro games, but have not received a response. The World Cup for rock climbing will once again be out in the middle of nowhere. Who doesn’t understand that the World Cup is a big deal, and a highly viewed event, and it’s off to the side away from everything because someone didn’t put sod down where the new gondy is?

I don’t understand how it can be so disrespected as a major event in these games. There has to be an alternative.

I get the construction last year, but we were promised up, down and sideways it would be back where it had been this year.

It’s the World Cup, you understand.

Nice fresh sod in the next couple of weeks would seem like an amazing idea to bring a nice central feel back to the games, where everyone was able to hang out and enjoy, right in the central part of the village.

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And World Cup is thrown out into the soccer field parking lot … again.

Someone please jump on this and handle it while the wall is being constructed in the next couple days.

Make it the best games ever, guys. The new Go Pro Games!

Adam Markert


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