Vail Daily letter: Columnist has miscues of his own |

Vail Daily letter: Columnist has miscues of his own

I read somewhere that wise people (the original quote was “wise men”) read more than they write and listen more than they speak. This brings me to Dick Gustafson, who self admittedly writes commentaries to the Vail Daily but does not read submittals by others, including those who write rejoinders to his own commentaries. I will skip over the obvious conclusion.

In his commentary “Won’t forget miscues,” Aug. 13, Gustafson’s regular tirade on President Obama quotes the president as stating that rebates from commercial health insurance carriers could reach $100 and goes on to say that only New York residents would receive such rebates.

Wrong! My wife received a rebate of $381 for nine months of commercial health care insurance in 2012 before she went on Medicare, and we don’t have a New York residence.

He also states that health care premiums are skyrocketing even as reputable organization such as the Kaiser Family Foundation, among others, have reported that health insurance premiums quoted for the coming year have moderated compared to prior years.

Gustafson then claims that the Republicans in the House have “a number of suggestions” to improve on Obamacare. Really? Too bad that he didn’t or couldn’t give even one example. He blames Harry Reid for not allowing a Senate vote on all of these wonderful ideas that have not seen the light of day.

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Obamacare certainly has its share of issues, which I will address in future letters, but the Republican party is fixated on criticizing and blocking everything Obama. Republicans have become the party of know nothing and do nothing.

It’s one thing to criticize, but you have to offer alternatives to real problems and not just pretend they don’t exist.

Jim Cameron

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