Vail Daily letter: Come back to center |

Vail Daily letter: Come back to center

Government at all levels derives most of its income by taxing in various ways the endeavors of the productive members of society; and therefore it stands to reason that the healthier the economy, the more people who are working at good-paying jobs, the more money there will be to care for those truly in need, and provide all of the services that governments are now expected to offer the people they serve.

The badly flawed presidency of George W. Bush, particularly his getting the United States embroiled in unwinnable civil/religious wars in the Middle East, virtually assured a reversal in fortunes for the Republican Party in November of 2008; and consequently enough Democrats were swept into office in that year to gain control of the White House and both houses of Congress.

Lulled into stupor by a charismatic, silver-tongued orator who had never run or managed anything, and propelled by an extreme case of hubris, we the people allowed the Democrats to execute a remarkable end-run around the nation’s system of checks and balances by passing the Affordable Care Act. With the stroke of his pen, president Barack Obama signed the ACA into law, which by mounting accounts is proving to be anything but affordable and likely very short on care.

Faced with recession and possible depression, instead of focusing like a laser on the economy and getting most Americans back to work, the president chose to oversee the passage of the most costly, largest job-killing legislation in the nation’s history that has contributed to the slowest and most anemic growth following a major recession ever recorded.

In just a few short years, propelled by a largely clueless and poorly educated electorate, the political pendulum has swung violently from the far right to the far left; leaving in its wake crumbling infrastructure, failing public school education, bankrupt cities, unpaid bills, our foreign policy in shambles, universal distrust of the federal government, soaring debt and deficits in its wake.

Houston, we have a problem, as the overall approval rate for both houses of Congress continues to fall and is now at 6 percent; however it is my hope that on election day in November of 2014, cooler, more seasoned heads will have prevailed. The leaders of both the Democratic and Republican parties must soon recognize the economic imperative of finding common ground in order to move the nation back towards a balanced, political center where it is most comfortable by seeing to it that well-qualified candidates for both the House and Senate are elected in order to replace the incompetent, clueless and self-serving ones now holding office.

Peter Bergh


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