Vail Daily letter: Comparing healthcare costs |

Vail Daily letter: Comparing healthcare costs

I want to add an observation to the discussion on healthcare costs. We have a high-deductible health plan, and so we pay out of pocket. When we knew my wife would need an MRI we called Touchstone Imaging in Denver and got a quote of $450. We called our doctor’s office here and were told “starting at $1,600.” We called Touchstone as soon as we had the doctor’s order, got an appointment immediately, drove down and back that same afternoon, and got the report before we made it home. That was in June. Since then I have told approximately 10 people who needed expensive imaging about the huge difference in cost. The answer is almost always the same. “My insurance is paying for it, what do I care?” Those same people complain about the high cost of insurance, but see no reason to drive to Denver to save their insurance company money. Solutions?

William Lindsay

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