Vail Daily letter: Compromise a new trend? |

Vail Daily letter: Compromise a new trend?

Thank you to the town of Eagle and the BLM and USFS for hosting the recent trail information meeting. It was quite refreshing to see people from all aspects of our community come together to solve problems and learn about how our trails are used, managed and designated.

What was most impressive to me was that we seem to have learned from the Great Recession the important lesson that we all need each other today to survive and prosper. Ranchers need to earn a living and it is their right to have their cattle on BLM land. Recreationists exercising their rights to BLM land are a source of both intrinsic and extrinsic value to our community. It was nice to see both sides show understanding, empathy and above all, respect for each other. It was also nice to see the resolve to work together towards solving problems.

It is my sincere wish that our politicians can learn such a valuable lesson as was offered at the meeting.

We currently have big issues on our hands in Colorado in many arenas, the most pressing is between the oil/gas industry and local municipalities regarding who should have a say in regulations. The meeting should serve as a prime example of the need for compromise.

No one wants 68,000 jobs to disappear but no one also really wants to hand the reins completely to the oil and gas industry. The argument is being portrayed as one of over and redundant regulation on not only oil and gas but all small and large businesses in our state. Proponents of local regulation, many of which are home rule municipalities, argue the state constitution provides that a home rule municipality’s ordinances pertaining to local matters supersedes, within its territorial limits, any conflicting state laws.

Our governor, John Hickenlooper, is working diligently with both sides on a compromise to avoid either a special session of state Legislature and/or numerous ballot initiatives. Both will cost our state needless millions; the worst expenses in my opinion being political advertisements.

Make no mistake, it is a big fight and there is a lot at stake. This is why I urge you to contact your elected legislators and demand that they search for solutions benefiting our state and all of its citizens. Use the word compromise — it is trending.

And to re-iterate, we all need each other today to survive and prosper.

Stephen Sheldon

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