Vail Daily letter: Concerns about Donovan |

Vail Daily letter: Concerns about Donovan

Kerry Donovan’s opinion editorial of June 29 distorted or blurred some important issues which I wish to address.

Firstly, Donovan claims to be an “educator,” yet a simple call to the Colorado Department of Education reveals Donovan does not have a Colorado Educator’s License, which is required to teach K-12 students in the state of Colorado. This is like someone claiming to be a lawyer who hasn’t passed the bar exam.

Secondly, Donovan’s commitment to renewable resources has not been 100 percent. She voted against amending Vail’s building code to allow more solar panels, before voting for it. By contrast, her opponent, Don Suppes, on the Orchard City Town Council fought for hydroelectric generation, and when that wasn’t cost effective, he pushed for investment in solar to offset the town’s carbon footprint and decrease the electric bills.

Thirdly, as a young person I am sympathetic to Miss Donovan’s wanting to help young people find affordable housing, yet I find it arrogant that the person who wants to help me has never had a mortgage, never had a student loan, and never had to struggle to make-ends-meet to support a wife/husband and children. Donovan needs to grow-up, spend time outside of her skiing utopia and million-dollar vacation ranch, and actually experience what it is like to be a member of the 99 percent!

Lastly, Donovan is running as the Democrat nominee for Senate District 5, yet she didn’t even affiliate with the Democrat party until last year. Was she afraid to make her affiliation known? Not proud to be a Democrat until it is convenient to run for office?

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As a District 5 voter, I’m concerned about Donovan’s level of commitment on key issues and her politically spun image.

Matthew Soper

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