Vail Daily letter: Concerns about Hoffmann |

Vail Daily letter: Concerns about Hoffmann

I am writing in response to the article “New ownership revitalizing old town of Avon” in the July 26 edition of the Vail Daily.

I am writing as a resident of Chapel Square, and don’t represent the HOA Board. I strongly disagree that Hoffmann “clearly understands the importance of a mix of residential in the property.”

Chapel Square, Building B (where the condos are) is the only (to my understanding) mixed-use property in the many they purchased. All others are 100 percent commercial, ours, approximately 37 percent, with 63 percent being residential.

Since I have lived here in Chapel Square (eight years) the commercial and residential board worked together to keep Chapel Square looking contemporary and uniform in look, one of the few areas in Avon to look this way. This is no longer the case.

Hoffmann immediately put up 26 flags on the residential building alone — 26. They did not go to the board for approval. At that first board meeting, the board voted to have the flags removed from Building B. The next day, each residential board member got a letter from Hoffmann’s attorneys in Chicago stating that if the flags were removed, the HOA and each individual board member would be sued. Neither the HOA nor the individual board members have deep pockets, so the flags remain. At each board meeting we remind Hoffmann that the flags haven’t been removed, as per the vote of the board. The flags remain.

Mr. White showed Hoffmann’s plan for our building, which included the gray and red striped shutters on the residences. The HOA board was against the shutters, as this is a contemporary looking building, and they just didn’t fit.

Hoffmann then put up the shutters on the non-residential portions of the complex, Building A and C, without the approval of the Avon. Avon’s Design Review Board voted 5-0 to not allow the shutters and that they should be removed. They also directed Hoffmann to talk to the HOA to see if an agreement could be reached, to keep things uniform. Was the HOA met with, or even contacted? No.

There are fewer trees in Avon than there used to be. No trees in front of Wells Fargo any longer. When we protested, Mr. White told us that when Hoffman chops down trees they are replaced by bigger and better trees. Was this done? No. Just recently, the trees in front of Building B, our home, were cut down at around 5:30 a.m. Did Hoffmann consult with the HOA and/or Avon before removing any trees, including those most recently removed? No.

On July 22, Town Council meeting the issue of the shutters was to be decided because Hoffmann appealed the Design Review Board’s decision to the Town Council. At this meeting, Mr. White spoke of the $100 million Hoffman is investing in Avon, and they want these shutters.

The residents of Chapel Square pointed out that Hoffman has destroyed the contemporary look and the uniformity of Chapel Square. If approved, the only way to get the uniformity back is for our building to have these fake shutters installed, too. The residential owners’ elected board has voted against them, the town’s Design Review Board voted 5-0 against them. Hoffmann wants them anyway.

The article says Hoffmann’s plan for Avon will soon be presented to the public. Maybe the plan should have been presented to the public before Hoffmann put up all these flags, before Hoffmann put up the striped shutters, before Hoffman cut down so many trees.

I love Avon, and do not want to see it become Hoffmannville.

Wayne Hanson

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