Vail Daily letter: Conservative conservationist |

Vail Daily letter: Conservative conservationist

Robert Castellino, usually I refuse to comment on such absurd accusations like you tossed in your “Heavy footsteps” letter (in Thursday’s Vail Daily), but I consider myself to be a conservationist, and yet I also believe in the US constitution, self-sufficiency, fiscal responsibility, and honorable political leaders. You say you have never met a conservative that is a conservationist. We have met several times and I believe I am both.

I certainly understand your passion for conservation, yet I believe my truck that runs on waste veggie oil leaves a smaller carbon footprint than your motorhome. My passions are renewable resources and hiking in the beautiful wilderness. Theodore Roosevelt was one of the most influential conservationists this country has had, and he was a member of the Republican Party. Based upon your stated assumptions, he could not be both.

So, please, do not make such offensive blanket statements in the future.

Chas Bernhardt

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