Vail Daily letter: Consider a pedestrian bridge |

Vail Daily letter: Consider a pedestrian bridge

In light of the recent news of rising costs on the proposed underpass, along with a possibly controversial sound barrier, may I respectfully suggest that the town consider an alternative. For a fraction of the cost, a pedestrian overpass would serve the community tremendously!

Consider a walkway, similar to the one leading from Sandstone to Lionshead, located in the area between the Post Office and Donovan Park. A new bridge would allow the folks in Matterhorn to walk to the Post Office as well as the businesses in the West Vail Mall. It would give the folks on the north side the option of walking to Donovan Park. It would allow “neighbors,” who really live rather close to each other, to visit without getting in a car or on a bus to go around. Timber Ridge to the Cascade would become walkable.

It would give people a way to cross I-70 without being tempted to run across the interstate, with the tragic results many of us have seen over the years. It would encourage walking or riding a bike, not driving. It wouldn’t need a sound barrier, and it would be a heck of a lot cheaper. Please give it some thought.

Happy skiing!

Chip Bartsch

West Vail

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