Vail Daily letter: Continue the fight |

Vail Daily letter: Continue the fight

This morning I’m so sad and discouraged to know that I live in a town where the people’s voices aren’t heard. Despite a standing-room-only crowd who voiced overwhelming opposition, along with 90 signatures on a petition, the Red Cliff Board of Trustees denied our appeal by a vote of 4 to 1. (I recognize and thank board member Jaclyn Parks for the single vote). This decision will allow Sage Adventures to proceed with plans for yet another snowmobile/ATV rental business in the center of town. As far as allowing any additional businesses of this type, that is yet to be determined.

The board continually berates Red Cliff residents for not coming to town meetings. Last night only proved the reason so many don’t attend the meetings — it makes no difference if we show up or what we say.

We thank all who came to the meeting and those who spoke. We thank all who have contributed to our cause. Will we continue to fight this? Despite feeling so discouraged, I think we need to continue. Sage Adventures will be presenting a more detailed plan to the town. They wish to build a temporary building (which are not allowed in town), along with permanent bathrooms. It appears that the board is willing to do whatever it will take to make things work for Sage Adventures, for more snowmobiles and ATVs in town

Board member Tom Henderson rebuked those of us who write letters to the Vail Daily. To him I ask, “When the town won’t listen, what other options do we have?”

Please help!

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Barb Bomier

Red Cliff

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