Vail Daily letter: Cordillera is home |

Vail Daily letter: Cordillera is home

I’ve been in the real estate game for quite a while — though not as long as my mother, Kathy Iverson. Together, we’ve been finding the right homes for families of all sizes, as well as for individuals.

While I’ve always been aware of Cordillera as an incredible community with a wide variety of services and facilities, it has only been in the past few years that I really started considering Cordillera as a community for my family. Sure, I thought it was a great place for other families, but it never really hit my radar for my family because we were happy in our home.

However, I started selling more and more properties within Cordillera and would see other families start to take advantage of the clubhouse and pool, hiking trails and equestrian center. I saw that the community was so welcoming to new homeowners and I started to realize that I wanted that for us — for my family.

As a result, we have recently decided to make Cordillera our family home. I feel that the community has so much to offer for a young growing family and we’re looking forward to putting down roots as part of a community that has a very positive outlook for the future. We’re planning on joining the golf community and my family is planning on taking full advantage of all the amenities that are offered.

We are truly excited to jump in to the community with both feet and I encourage you to get beyond the gates to explore what Cordillera has to offer. You might find that you, too, want to be part of the Cordillera community.

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Matt Iverson

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