Vail Daily letter: Corrections to article |

Vail Daily letter: Corrections to article

I have a few suggested corrections to the article mentioned below.

In the article “Welcoming the world” in the Jan. 12 edition of the Vail Daily, Randy Wyrick’s opening sentence states that of the 23 cities that have hosted the FIS Alpine World Championships “ … only one has hosted more than once.” While we are all very proud and happy that Vail has been chosen for the third time to host the Championships, I would like to point out that St. Moritz hosted the FIS World Championships in 1974, 2003, and they will also host the next FIS World Championships in 2017.

In addition I would like to point out that under the heading “Cannabis dos and don’ts,” Mr. Wyrick states that Vail Police Chief Henninger reminds us “ …that Vail is a no-smoking town, so don’t smoke it there.” Whether Vail is a smoking or non-smoking town is not really the point. The Colorado Revised Statutes 18-18-406(1-4) does not permit the use of cannabis in any form in public. I also hope that in mentioning smoking marijuana on Vail Mountain (federal land), Mr. Wyrick was not quoting our police chief when he said, “ … so try not to smoke it on Vail Mountain either.” I would suggest that everyone does more than just “try” and that this suggestion includes ingesting any form of cannabis.

Pamela Lessing


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