Vail Daily letter: Could have helped |

Vail Daily letter: Could have helped

On Feb. 27, we were headed up to Yeoman Park to take a load of gear and four snowmobiles into Fulford for a kids expedition. At one of the switchbacks we became stuck as my trailer slid to the inside ditch. Right behind us were two trucks with snowmobiles. One was Forest Service and the other was Department of Wildlife. Each truck had two persons inside. As my friend and I pulled four snowmobiles off the back of my trailer, dragged the trailer to the side of the road, and dug out my truck, the folks in those two trucks just watched. This was over the course of an hour. They were literally 20 yards away. Once unstuck, I pulled ahead about 200 yards and we then assisted six more vehicles get around the corner. We dug them out, pushed, and just generally gave each other a helping hand. It was great — a lot of good folks helping one another.

During that time the Forest Service and Department of Wildlife unloaded their snowmobiles and illegally parked their trucks alongside the road. Between the fifth and sixth vehicle that we assisted, the four individuals with the Forest Service and Department of Wildlife drove their snowmobiles right by us. They did not stop, ask if they could help, or even slow down. One of them did wave, though.

It angers me that the Forest Service and Department of Wildlife workers whom are paid with our tax dollars would just sit there and watch. What is wrong with simply helping your fellow man? These are the folks that we entrust to manage our forests? These are the folks that my parents taught me were good, honest, hard-working people? People that care about others and our forests? What happened with these four individuals? I’m not saying they should lose their jobs, but please, at least educate them on basic ethic and moral values.

Bill Baxter


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