Vail Daily letter: Coulter a superb choice |

Vail Daily letter: Coulter a superb choice

Richard Carnes’ recent column, “A mistake in progress” deserves a rebuttal. The column is a rambling attack on the Eagle County Republican Party for inviting Ann Coulter to speak at a fundraiser. He also directs invective remarks at Sarah Palin and “cute blondes” at Fox News. His comments seem to reflect envy rather than facts. Sarah Palin was the governor of Alaska and a vice presidential candidate for the Republican Party in 2008. Fox News is the No. 1 cable news network whose ratings continue to soar.

Mr. Carnes directs the majority of his inane comments toward Ann Coulter, who he believes does not warrant an invitation to the Eagle County Republican meeting, suggesting that she is in the “fringe elements.” Mr. Carnes fails to point out Ms. Coulter’s credentials. She is a highly sought-after speaker and is known for her acerbic sense of humor that is largely based on facts. She attended Cornell University and received her law degree from the University of Michigan. She has written numerous books and remains a popular TV personality.

Although I am not privy to the reason why the Eagle County GOP invited Ms. Coulter, I commend them on a superb choice. I suspect that she will receive a warm welcome coupled with an excellent attendance. Her purpose will be to entertain the audience and not to convert non-believers to Republican viewpoints. After the overwhelming victories nationwide for the Republican Party in the 2014 elections, I doubt that most readers care about Mr. Carnes’ presumptuous tirade. Contrary to Mr. Carnes’ view, I suspect the Eagle County Republican Party will benefit through valued contributions from Ms. Coulter’s appearance. Perhaps Mr. Carnes should attend and expand his knowledge base.

Dan Spengler


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