Vail Daily letter: Criminals don’t obey gun laws! |

Vail Daily letter: Criminals don’t obey gun laws!


What the legislators in Colorado have done to the state’s law-abiding gun owners is truly a shame.

The ban on magazines holding more than 15 rounds will not impact criminals since they don’t obey gun laws.

It can be a problem for frightened homeowners trying to defend themselves and certainly a problem for the disabled.

The law requiring all transfers of firearms even between private individuals to undergo background checks by a federally licensed firearm dealer will be like Prohibition — ignored.

This will continue to promote a growing lack of respect for the law.

Knee-jerk laws won’t make anyone safer. Unlike what the founding fathers wrote in the Constitution, a limited government based on freedom, today’s governments, both state and federal, want to control you.

More and more they try to reduce our rights. Enough!

Bernie Schwartz


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