Vail Daily letter: Critical election for Vail |

Vail Daily letter: Critical election for Vail

This is probably the most critical town of Vail election in over 20 years. The present Town Council has become mired in controversy with gross overspending, meaningless acrimonious meetings, destruction of the golf course and legal controversy in order to rush through the plan of a few for their white elephant. And if this elephant is ever actually in our midst it will only attract more intoxicated 20-somethings prone to vandalizing golfers’ cars in the small parking lot. All this could have been avoided with an open common sense approach by the Vail Recreation District and town of Vail involving residents and golfers from the very beginning. Most residents desire cost-effective improvements to the community. It is time for a more honest and open perspective.

I have known Dale Bugby for many years and really admire the time and effort he has expended in Washington in attempting to accomplish a meaningful immigration bill, which incidentally is also very important to the Vail Valley. I believe Dale will be a great asset to our council and community. Also, a vote for Sounia Chaney and Dave Chapin would round out providing a fresh perspective so we can end governing by arrogance and lawsuits.

Dale for Vail!

Rol Hamelin

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