Vail Daily letter: Curriculum review |

Vail Daily letter: Curriculum review

Jack Van Ens and Jason Glass have recently done columns about the Jefferson County school board’s proposal to have a curriculum review committee. Van Ens and Glass were both negative about the idea.

Neither of these commentators answers the basic question: Who should have the final say on what is taught? If not the school board, should it be the teachers, their union, the National Education Association, the students or what?

Another issue in Jeffco — and elsewhere — is whether there is an ideological tilt in the classrooms. To the left. This includes colleges and universities as well as grades K through 12. Isn’t it one of the school board’s responsibilities to ensure a balanced presentation of subjects?

Some interesting points to ponder can be found in the Oct. 9 Denver Post, where Mike Rosen has a column. And the essay he mentions by Frederick Hess, “10 Thoughts on the new AP U.S. history curriculum.” You can track down Rosen’s column through the Denver Post, or at the website Complete Colorado, a local clone of the Drudge Report. Hess can be located via Google.

Terry Quinn


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