Vail Daily letter: DA a hard worker |

Vail Daily letter: DA a hard worker

The Denver Post’s article regarding elected District Attorney Bruce Brown’s “vacation days” mischaracterizes his work ethic. District Attorney Brown is committed to his community: Victims, accused, constituents and employees. The Fifth Judicial is a huge jurisdiction requiring long-distance travel between four offices. That doesn’t slow down District Attorney Brown, who is available to each office and each employee nearly 24 hours a day. Midnight warrant or murder investigation, District Attorney Brown is accessible.

District Attorney Brown can be reached by employees, the coroner, law enforcement, and the defense bar — who regularly call to negotiate cases at the highest level. The media has easy access to District Attorney Brown and reporters continue to cover numerous Fifth Judicial cases; keeping the community and state apprised of mountain matters.

District Attorney Brown is often found hard at work in any one of the four offices by 6 a.m., departing to Eagle, Leadville, Breckenridge or Georgetown by 4 or 5 a.m., followed by a full workday and more. District Attorney Brown spent a Saturday with my trial partner and me working through nuances of a tough case.

The reality is that elected district attorneys work long hours preparing cases. Time off of work allows district attorneys to recharge in order to make critical decisions seeking justice for victims, those accused, and our communities.

District Attorney Brown is always on call. Vacation for him just means he is not physically in the office building, but virtually, he is available and hard at work.

Lisa Hunt

Former deputy district attorney

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