Vail Daily letter: Danger on road |

Vail Daily letter: Danger on road

Dressed in a power pedaler’s ensemble, she appeared almost out of nowhere. Fearful of the speed at which she approached, I jumped backwards into the closest yard. Holy Moses! “Slow down, girl,” I thought while silently dubbing her Eagle-Vail’s Lancaleah Armstrong.

I’d seen her before. A husky, middle-aged gal with blonde hair and the weathered face one would expect of a dedicated cyclist.

Racing west on Deer Boulevard, she ignored the stop sign and made a sharp turn onto Eagle-Vail Road. Without breaking rhythm for the stop sign at Highway 6, Lancaleah shot straight across to the north crosswalk, turned west again, and pressed hard towards her imaginary finish line.

Admittedly, an element of jealousy led me to write this letter. Lancaleah truly does do justice to those tight bicycle shorts. I do believe, however, that Lancaleah suffers from spandex-related oxygen deprivation. A legend in her own mind and half brain dead, Lancaleah unknowingly endangers herself, children, animals and old gals like me.

So watch your back for Lancaleah. Her next missed stop sign could be your next missed sunrise.

Aggie Chastain


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