Vail Daily letter: Dangerous precedent |

Vail Daily letter: Dangerous precedent

I was pleased to read Rev. Van Ens’ commentary titled “Religious freedoms trump contraceptive rights?” in (Sunday’s) Vail Daily. His piece was especially important because he is obviously a man of deep faith and he seems to understand two basic truths: First, corporations are not people and, second, the decision about whether or not to use contraception and, if so, what kind to use is between a woman and her physician. It is not her boss’s business!

If the Green family (the owners of Hobby Lobby) does not believe in contraception, don’t use it. Denying employees the right to choose to use birth control or not, is anything but religious freedom.

The Supreme Court decision is extremely dangerous and misguided. It sets a very un-American precedent (and reverses others) for anyone (or any corporation) to claim it is against their religion to do any number of things such as serving Jews or Muslims in a family-owned restaurant or denying an African-American an apartment or denying a qualified gay person a job.

It is amazing to me that the same people who claim they want less government and want government out of their lives are all too eager to make and/or support decisions that impact the very private lives of Americans.

Carol L. Goldstein

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