Vail Daily letter: Debt delirium |

Vail Daily letter: Debt delirium

Three Eagle-Vail Metro District employees approached me last October as I pulled a “No 5A” sign from the trunk of my car. “Don’t you want things to be nice?” one of the young men asked.

“Just too much added debt for unnecessary desires,” I replied.

Debt is the way of the world these days, isn’t it? Our national debt has doubled in eight years. If 5A had passed, the Eagle-Vail Metro District debt would have doubled. And now, the Eagle County School District will ask the voters to approve doubling the debt on its balance sheet. Double Debt Delirium (DDD) — that’s what I call it.

DDD ballot initiatives will fill your mailbox this fall. No more going with those short-sighted single issue, what is really required, and affordable referendums. Absolutely not — no way! Push for all the nice things you want and dream of. After all, it’s just debt. If a dark DDD reality cloud appears later on down the road, what difference does it make — you can just close your eyes and cover your ears.

It’s kind of like having your car engine blow up on Vail Pass and you jump out to the check the air in your tires. Nice?

Aggie Chastain


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