Vail Daily letter: Deepest condolences |

Vail Daily letter: Deepest condolences

I never met Tony Seibert, and while I filmed his father when he was a small boy I don’t know him well either, but I did know his grandfather, Pete. I shared his dream some 50 years for the ski area that is now Vail.

The loss of Tony would have torn Pete apart. To try to be philosophical about it, or look to God, or to any other explanation, is not easy, and does not bring Tony back.

This adventurous young man, in the prime of life, doing what many of us once did, or wished we could do, speaks to us all. He, in life and in death, is the personification of the resort and the sport of skiing. It’s why we came here, why we stayed, and why Tony touches us so deeply.

All I can say is that he had a wonderful life. I hope his spirit reminds us of how lucky we are, for even a moment, to have shared in the joy that defined him.

My deepest condolences to his family. Knowing the pain I feel I can only imagine what they must be going through.

Roger Brown


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