Vail Daily letter: Democrats get a ‘D’ |

Vail Daily letter: Democrats get a ‘D’

We are all voters. In New Zealand you are fined $89 if you don’t. Voters are still given the benefit of the doubt when they vote for one party or another. It is assumed that each of us has done his or her homework about candidates, current parties’ “re-electability,” and coexistence with modern challenges.

To be fair, candidates face challenges for both re-election and consideration, like war, famine, debt and social change. It should surprise well-read and aware voters that this administration can still be taken seriously as an incumbent when the following happens:

• IRS commissioner Koskinen fails to show up at Congress for an impeachment hearing, so busy auditing us and destroying evidence, that he couldn’t join the left’s audible denunciation of the hearing.

• TSA security czar is “removed” from his post after 110,000 fliers miss their flights due to over-burdened, bloated government agency. His removal is not a firing; he is re-assigned — a silver parachute.

• New Mexico’s secretary of state sues EPA for mismanagement of Colorado mine-disaster, citing incompetency at all levels.

• VA Hospital in Denver has cost overruns in the millions, and the agency is blamed for several deaths due to wait times. He compares the indignation-in-waiting to a Disney queue. Nice.

Back to the voter. Should he or she be concerned? I am. Till now, two- to three-letter words weren’t cuss words.

Pat Mitchell


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