Vail Daily letter: Design changes needed |

Vail Daily letter: Design changes needed

On Monday eve, the second of two Vail golf clubhouse/conference/wedding center design presentations was made to the public. Though the architect’s presentation was less than professional, it is clear that the conference/wedding facilities have taken precedent over the golfers’ grill; although golfers will use the facilities 150-plus days per year vs. an anticipated 40 for “events.” Of greater concern is that we were told that it is too late to make changes, even minor ones, in spite of the fact that it wasn’t till this month that the details were first presented to the public!

Longtime local architect and builder Dave Irwin has presented a thoughtful, low-cost (if any) improvement by moving the golfers’ grill 20 feet east along the flat cart barn roof. This would lessen the visual impact of the gigantic new driving range net poles adjacent to the sitting area to which golfers have been relegated. I cannot believe that the town of Vail Design Review Board would not work with the Town Council itself in facilitating this minor change in a timely manor! If not, then this town of ours has bigger problems that need to be addressed before this project is forced upon us.

Rol Hamelin


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