Vail Daily letter: Devastating loss |

Vail Daily letter: Devastating loss

Oblivious driver,

You were the driver last Wednesday, Dec. 17, around 7:45 a.m., driving your brown or dirty gray Honda pickup west on Berry Creek Dr. At the corner of Charolais. I was standing at that corner on Charolais with my little white dog as you were turning. You did not make eye contact with me. What were you doing with your phone? I had a red coat on and assume you saw me in your peripheral vision. The road was snow-covered, and since you weren’t looking I don’t think you saw my dog. You turned the corner sharply and I thought maybe now you’ll see us. What were you doing with your phone? It happened in the blink of an eye … I looked down to get my dog out of your way thinking now you’ll stop or at least slow down, but you were totally oblivious to us and you ran over my dog! You didn’t even know it and you just kept on driving, not even slowing down! You live on Charolais or Hackamore Road. Minutes later on the way to the vet, my dog died in my arms. You devastated our family and you were totally unconscious of your act. What were you doing with your phone?!

I appreciate the two gentleman who stopped and asked to help and would like you to give me a call if you see this. 970-331-9022.

Missing my best friend,

Rex Keep

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