Vail Daily letter: Didn’t mention residential |

Vail Daily letter: Didn’t mention residential

I was at the meeting for the Eagle River Corridor Plan last Tuesday and find it amazingly interesting that the article in the Vail Daily (Sept. 4) doesn’t make one mention about the residential component in the ERCP! Wow! Not only is there a residential component, but part of this cluster development and its resulting parking lots is proposed to be at the north end by the water park, quite visible from I-70! As seen in my following comment to the board, I believe that all residential development should be set farther off the highway. Cluster residential is not a “wow factor” from I-70, as stated by an Eagle planner — the rest of it is: “Trails, grassy areas,” parks and the water park! These are very exciting and much needed! We all look forward to this incredible amenity for our lovely town, Eagle!

To the Town Board of Eagle and staff:

I am sorry that I did not get involved in the process of the Eagle River Corridor Plan — I am a busy gal and really did not know anything about it, but here are a few thoughts that I would like to share. To start with, I totally agree with infill and I think we all want our community to be welcoming to visitors and new businesses alike. We want a community that we are all proud of to call our home. This comes with good planning and direction from the town staff and board. It is my strong feeling that cluster, residential development and the resulting parking lots should be farther back off the I-70 corridor and away from the potential negative visual impressions of people on that highway. Parks are much more visually inviting to people than cluster development and sprawl and should be closer to the I-70 sections of that land.

I really liked Charlie’s idea about accommodating a space now for a potential light-rail station — now that is forward thinking. We could build a park in the proximity of the railroad to accommodate a future rail station. Also, community gardens, as suggested by Jesse, are always a great addition to open space! And, an asset to homeowners when conducted correctly!

I have big traffic concerns considering all the residential development that has already been approved in and around Eagle.

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Pave paradise and put up a parking lot. Parking lots are certainly not a pleasant visual asset to our beautiful town. Once again, I believe, residential should be kept well off the I-70 corridor. People don’t want to live right next to a busy highway anyway! And, I like Susie’s idea about underground parking.

Annie Egan


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