Vail Daily letter: Dirty campaign tactics |

Vail Daily letter: Dirty campaign tactics

I don’t consider myself a very political person, so imagine my surprise upon seeing a picture of myself in not one but two recent negative political mailings from Don Suppes. This picture is being used to accuse his opponent, Kerry Donovan, of being a barfly, part of the “rich and connected” and “Vail elite,” as well as an operator of a “luxury vacation ranch.”

I think if Kerry were truly a “Vail elite,” he wouldn’t have to use the same photo three times, but would have plenty to choose from in the society pages. Furthermore, I can tell you I’ve visited Copper Bar Ranch. It doesn’t have running water or electricity, so if you want luxury, you’ll have to bring your own. Kerry digs her own irrigation ditches to grow vegetables and herbs for local restaurants, raise her cattle, and support rescued horses.

In Kerry’s opponent’s negative mailings, he states that he is “the only candidate who can truly represent our values here in rural Colorado.” I didn’t realize our values in Colorado included personal attacks, outright lies, and dirty campaign tactics, all of which Suppes has proudly employed.

I will continue to support Kerry Donovan because of her honesty, her passion for rural Colorado as well as the ski industry, her commitment to protecting our land and water, and most of all, her clean campaign void of personal smears on her opponent.

The funny part of all of this is the photo that Suppes chose to use is of us celebrating Kerry’s election to the Vail Town Council in 2009. I look forward to celebrating another win for Kerry this November and am happy to pose for a new picture.

Molly Helmreich

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