Vail Daily letter: Disagree with ‘miss’

As a volunteer at the recent FIS championships, I would be remiss in not responding to the “miss” in the March 12 Hits and Misses section, by a reader complaining about the volunteer lunches (at the recent FIS championships).

We were volunteers and the fact that lunch was provided (at all) was an added benefit. I (like most volunteer) was appreciative that restaurants in the community provided our lunches. In addition to subs and wraps (that were just fine), we were served Moe’s barbecue some days and for those of us who were assigned awards ceremonies in Vail Village, our meals were prepared by La Bottega in Vail. So, to all who provided meals for the volunteers I say thank you.

And for the reader(s) who complained about the meals, standing on their feet in snow for eight to nine hours and having barely a half hour for lunch I suggest that you stop feeling so entitled. It was a privilege to volunteer and the Vail Valley Foundation clearly defined what the role of each volunteer was. No one ever said that as a volunteer you would be served a leisurely gourmet meal in 100 percent comfort. If that is what you expected you should not have volunteered and instead should have written a check to be a sponsor and spent your day in the VIP lounge.

Heidi Kenny


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