Vail Daily letter: Disappointed with Avon council |

Vail Daily letter: Disappointed with Avon council

The ineptness of the Avon Council has reached a tipping point and citizens need to start making demands and changes. Most recently, the issue is the severe cost overruns of the stage. How is it that the town staff, council and its very high-priced consultants misfired so badly on nearly $750,000 in contingency and fees? Did Mr. Judge’s commission increase when he added a half million dollars of optional upgrades? Who on town staff or the Dantas/Wolf committee knew about these million-dollar-plus overruns and when did they know it? I demand this council publicly answer these questions. I expect these answers well before Election Day so candidates can react.

On a related note, this whole affair is a microcosm of the continued incestuous nature of this town. I don’t support Mr. Peter Buckley for his candidacy for Avon council and won’t vote for him, but I agree that the Evans-Chaffee/council relationship of recent years has always smelled bad. Always. Even with the findings of the Krob Report, the relationship never gave me confidence. This speaks to the larger issue. Throughout its history, the citizens of this little burg have repeatedly elected candidates who come from the development and construction sectors. For decades, those council members have approved project after project that somehow, someway always seemed to benefit them even as they clung to their fig leaf protestations of no “conflict of interest.” Enough. This needs to stop. Immediately.

And don’t even get me started on the Hoffmann debacle. The Avon council rolled over so badly for that group that they are still dizzy.

I realize everyone on this council is a volunteer. I salute them putting their name on the ballot. That said, I’m severely disappointed with their collective performance of recent years and now doubt their competence in their ability to move in the best interest of this community.

Candidates, it’s time to impress us voters.

Marie Phillips


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